Commercial – Foreign Trade

Business opportunities in Saudi Arabia

Shobokshi Investment will cooperate with Czech companies, identifying suitable partners within Saudi Market which is the largest economy in the Middle-East.  We will advise and select the right partner for the right business.



Saudi Arabia is one the biggest importers of various products. Czech products and services could be very successful, but need to be boosted by finding the right partners and applying the right strategy that Shobokshi Investment is capable of aiding in this.


Defense & Security

This is a totally new opportunity for the Czech Republic.
The doors are now open for the Czech Defense and Security industry to enter the Saudi market.
Shobokshi Investment has worked on opening the doors for this market segment, and is proud to find the right partners that have the ability to develop cooperation within Saudi Arabia.

Heavy Industry

Heavy Industry

Saudi Arabia is known in developing huge infrastructure projects, especially in oil, petrochemicals and energy industries.
Saudi Arabia usually works on a turnkey projects basis, and Shobokshi Investment is the company that is able to direct the Czech companies.

Agriculture - Commercial


Food is a major import items for Saudi Arabia. It also invested heavily in livestock & big farms, which means big needs to all kind of forage and agricultural support and technologies from the Czech Republic.
The door in this Market is very big and open for agricultural companies to look for partners that Shobokshi Investment can arrange.

Comercial - Health


This is a sector that was behind the development of the business relations between the two countries, this is a business that is open and needs boosting and proper partners.
Shobokshi Investment has done important work in this field and will continue boosting cooperation between the two countries in this sector.