1st April 2016

Historic First Direct Air Connection between Prague and Riyadh

A seasonal service connecting Riyadh and Prague, which will be operated by Czech Airlines from the beginning of July to the end of September, is a new addition to the timetable.


12th December 2015

Thousand and one Czech or successful Czechs in the Middle East

In nine millions Emirates according the Czech embassy has been living and working there more than two thousand Czechs and their numbers are growing. Some have their own companies, others are in the service of large institutions.

Velvyslanec České republiky v Saúdské Arábii, Jiří Slavík (vpravo), Hussein Shobokshi (2. zleva), Honorární konzul České republiky, pózují pro fotografy s dalšími hosty a zástupci na České ambasádě v Rijádu

10th November 2015

Czech Republic plans strategic business partnership with KSA

The Minister of Trade and Industry of the Czech Republic, Jan Mladek, spoke about opening up foreign investments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

national day

2nd November 2015

Reception on the occasion of the Czech National Day

On October 28, 2015 H.E. the Ambassador of the Czech Republic Mr. Jiří Slavík gave at the Embassy of the Czech Republic the reception on the occasion of the 97th anniversary of the Czechoslovakia.

Czech Republic Ambassador Jiri Slavik speaks with Arab News at his embassy in Riyadh

29th October 2015

Czech envoy hails Saudi army specialists

Our common goal is to present our country as a credible and reliable partner, a country with skilled manpower as well as a preferred choice for business and tourism.


29th October 2015

Shobokshi Investment donate blood plasma

The girls from Shobokshi Investment decided to voluntarily donate blood plasma for medical purposes.

28th October 2015

Celebrating The Czech Republic

On October 28, 1918 the first independent Czechoslovak state was founded from territories that were previously part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


15th September 2015


Mr. Hussein Shobokshi participated the second time on the 19th annual Forum 2000 this year and spoke on the topic “DEMOCRACY IN THE SOUTHERN PERSPECTIVES


2nd September 2015

A need for dialogue

Mr. Hussein Shobokshi is writing about the need for communication, dialogue and tearing down barriers more than what was needed in past times.


1st June 2015

Fighting terrorism our top priority: Czech president

Cooperation between the Kingdom and the Czech Republic can be vital in fighting terrorism and extremism, Zeman said.
“Together we can cooperate in many ways, starting from the exchange of intelligence information, training security personnel to deliver high-tech equipment and participating in common missions against terrorists,” he said.


25th May 2015

Czech participation on Saudi Health 2015

The 3rd edition of Saudi Health, the country’s largest healthcare event, concluded on a successful note. The show saw the participation of more than 350 exhibitors from 38 countries across an exhibition space of 9,000 sqm. Saudi Health set a unique platform to showcase the latest innovations in healthcare products and technologies to government authorities and industry professionals from across the Kingdom.

znovuzrození loga

22nd May 2015

Shobokshi Investment support towards Kapka Nadeje

The aim of the partnership with the Foundation Kapka Nadeje is supporting the fight against cancer Neuroblastoma. We hope to research a new method of treating this cancer which very often occurs children. The research project supported by company Shobokshi Investment as part of its Corporate social responsibility program.

13th May 2015

Czech day in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

On the occasion of the event “Europe Month” in Saudi Arabia, which taking place through the month of May it was given the opportunity to present the Czech Republic as well.

foto II

30th April 2015

University of Economics – Experience of Managers in a global environment

Students of the University of Economics in Prague had a unique opportunity to hear some advises and tips very successful and prominent personalities from several sectors of the global environment.

Czech Saudi event_ Leaders Magazine-page-001

23rd March 2015

Leaders Magazine cooperation in 2014!

Czech Republic and Saudi Arabia: towards a strategic partnership.


19th March 2015

Merko CZ dealership in Saudi market

The Czech company is a producer of technological units for the production of concrete mixtures, which has among other things also dealership in Saudi Arabia.


14th December 2014

“In Saudi Arabia money never talks” said the President of Czech Saudi Chamber of commerce

In value-based country like Saudi Arabia, to close a business is just about shaking hands, says the President of the Saudi-Czech Chamber of Commerce Martin Vrba.
“For Saudis are important personal relationships and trust than money,” he explains.
Excellent reputation gained primarily Czech medics who care also the local royal family.


22nd November 2014

Czech Republic is more interesting worldwide – especially in Saudi Arabia

Czech-Saudi Chamber of Commerce is built on years of extensive experience of its Czech-Saudi management with trade and cooperation between the Czech Republic, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


18th November 2014

Czech-Saudi Business Forum held in Prague ‘an astounding success’

PRAGUE — The recently concluded Czech-Saudi Business Forum in the beautiful city of Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, was an astounding success.

art picture

5th November 2014


First official event of exhibition Art of Cultural Diversities, with paintings presentation of Czech painter Jan Uldrych and hospital bed for children from Linet, by Czech designer Pavel Šťastný. 

5th November 2014

The First Czech-Saudi Business Forum: A Step towards a Brighter Future

The first successful step towards effective economic relations between Czech Republic and Saudi Arabia has now become a reality! The inaugural Czech-Saudi Business Forum took place on November 5th, 2014, in Prague, Czech Republic. AIM Group Prague Office was the official event organizer supporting the successful execution of this highly significant event.


Experts: Big potential in Investment

Czech-Saudi Business Forum – Alarabiya Experts: Big potential in Investment  between Czech Republic and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Please follow link for more information  

discussion forum 2000

13th October 2014

Prague, Forum 2000 panel discussion A New Middle East? ISIS and Other Threats

Moderator: Miroslav Dušek
Panel Discussion: Gilles Kepel, Falah Mustafa Bakir, Hussein Shobokshi,Salam Fayyad, Amre Moussa
Talk focuses on the significance of ISIS in the Middle East, and the ways in which it is symptomatic of larger issues.

10th September 2014

Czech-Saudi Chamber of Commerce in Prague inaugurated

Saudi businessman and Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Hussein Shobokshi, has launched the Czech-Saudi Chamber of Commerce in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic.

logo konference

18th September 2014

Saudi Arabia as a business partner of Czech Republic

Experts; Big Investment opportunities between the Czech Republic and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Czech is looking for new markets, Saudi Arabia could help

17th September 2014

Saudi Arabia as a Business Partner – Interview with Mr. Hussein Shobokshi

Saudi Arabia as a Business Partner
Interview with Mr. Hussein Shobokshi


16th September 2014

Shobokshi Investment donated 2.5 million CZK to support clinical research of children cancer Neuroblastoma

The company Shobokshi Investment as part of its corporate social responsibility program donated 2.5 million CZK to the Faculty Hospital for a three-year research program for the most common type of cancer in early childhood called Neuroblastoma. The President of Shobokshi Investment and the honorary consul of the Czech Republic in Saudi Arabia Hussein Shobokshi handed over the check of the chief of the Clinic of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology prof. Jan Starý MD.

10th September 2014

Czech-Saudi Chamber of Commerce in Prague inaugurated

Saudi businessman and Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Hussein Shobokshi, has launched the Czech-Saudi Chamber of Commerce in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic.


15th August 2014

Venue of Czech Saudi Business Forum is Palace ŽOFÍN

We believe ŽOFÍN PALACE is our best choice! In recent years Žofín has become a symbol for Czech and international social, political, cultural and business events of exceptional importance.


11th August 2014

Honorary Consul: Saudi Arabia offers opportunities to Czech entrepreneurs

INTERVIEW This autumn in Prague, the first Czech-Saudi Business Forum, which should improve and develop relations between the two countries. The event was organized by the Investment Shobokshi, whose owner and honorary consul of the Czech Republic in Saudi Arabia Hussein Shobokshi relies on a strategic partnership with the Czech Republic and business development in both industry and services.

logo konference

26th June 2014

Battered relations between the Czech Republic and Saudi Arabia has improved business forum to be held in Prague in autumn

First Czech-Saudi Business Forum, to be held this fall, should improve battered relations between the two countries. The event was organized by the Saudi Arabian Investment Company Shobokshi, which provides services including in the field of foreign trade. Since the conference promises to create new investment opportunities.

14th May 2014

The largest healtcare event in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Health Exhibition is the largest platform in the Kingdom for regional and international health care stakeholders, dealers, distributors,suppliers and service providers to interact and network with new buyers and key industry players.

10th April 2014

40 Saudi companies are seeking investment opportunities and direct flights in Prague

40 Major Saudi companies of different sectors are seeking the investment opportunities available in Czech republic through its participation in the “Czech- Saudi” forum that is to be held in the capital Prague at the beginning of next June and in which a group of VIP businessmen and judiciary personalities in both countries will participate.

logo konference

7th April 2014

Czech – Saudi Business Forum 2014

We are particularly delighted to announce the first annual Czech – Saudi Business Forum,
proudly organized by Shobokshi Investment, will take place in Prague.
The event will not only offer a line-up of highly regarded speakers, topical discussions and relevant news,
but also an excellent opportunity to network and establish relations.

HS welcome speech

4th April 2014

Czech food festival in Jeddah

JEDDAH — Three famous executive Czech chefs are currently showcasing their talent at the second Czech food festival that kicked off on Sunday at the Jeddah Intercontinental Hotel.
The Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic, Hussein Shobokshi, along with Salem Al-Shahrani, general manager of intercontinental Jeddah, officially inaugurated the festival, which continues till April 10.

Opening consulate in Jeddah

5th March 2014

Tempting Saudi Arabia

Mr. Hussein Shobokshi is a well-established Saudi businessman who more than three years ago was appointed as the honorary counsel of the Czech Republic in the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.