Czech envoy hails Saudi army specialists

RIYADH: Czech Republic Ambassador Jiri Slavik hailed Saudi army specialists’ track record and recalled fighting alongside Saudi troops during the Gulf War.
Speaking to Arab News, Slavik said that during the Gulf War, Czech troops took part alongside allies deployed in the Kingdom. Together, they faced the possible risk of exposure to Iraqi chemical weapons, he said.
The envoy said the successful operations of the Czech troops won appreciation from the Saudis and allies, as they were playing a leading role in the fight against chemical warfare on the international frontiers.
“Our common goal is to present our country as a credible and reliable partner, a country with skilled manpower as well as a preferred choice for business and tourism,” he said.
Referring to his country’s national day, the ambassador observed: “This year we celebrate the 97th anniversary of our independence that goes back to 1918. The whole history of the Czech people dates back to the 10th century, nearly 1,000 years ago,” Slavik said, adding, “also this year we also commemorate 700th birth anniversary of Charles IV, the Czech king called the “Father of the Country,” founder of the Charles University in Prague in 1348, the king who influenced the whole European continent.”
“After almost 100 years of its modern history, the Czech Republic has become a modern country in the middle of Europe, a full-fledged member of the EU, NATO and other international organizations.”
He said: “These changes positively influenced relations between the Czech Republic and Saudi Arabia. In 1995, our bilateral diplomatic ties were established and since that time we have found many fields for cooperation.”