Honorary Consul: Saudi Arabia offers opportunities to Czech entrepreneurs

Source: http://www.parlamentnilisty.cz


1) Why did you choose the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic fascinated me at an early age. It started with my admiration of the tennis super star Ivan Lendl. Them it went to Kafka, Kundera, Milos Forman then I started developing a keen interest in the Czech Republic in the commercial sense and the political sense I noted with pride the great reputation of the Czech peoples work ethics.

As well as their attention to quality, this was enhanced with the success of some well renowned global brands such as Moser, Mattoni, Škoda, Linet etc. I believed in the Czech Republic and I chose to be their honorary consul in Saudi Arabia because I thoroughly believed that there would great and unique mutually beneficial advantages to strengthening the relationship between both countries

2) What do you see as key steps in supporting the business relations between SA and CR?

There needs to be extra effort done to build the trust between both countries that is the main barrier in doing more business. There is also a legacy of stereotyping which makes initiatives difficult but this is surely slowly improving and getting much better.

3) What investment areas/industries are you planning to focus on?

Real estate development, industry, agriculture, health, security are the main areas that we want to concentrate on because we sincerely do believe that the Czech Republic has a unique distinguished advantage in them.

4) What could be the most attractive Czech products for the Saudi market?

The health service sector is very appealing as well as transport solutions, defense, security, and agriculture.

5) Do you see significant differences in doing business in the Czech Republic and in SA?

There are important cultural differences that need to be noted before starting any business initiative. This will make the experience easier. It is the same way you would want to note cultural differences before doing business with the likes of India, China, Japan or Korea, for example.

6) How do you want to improve the relations between the two countries to the mutual perception?

Engage in networking opportunities such as conferences, expos, forums, visits this will provide an important knowledge and exchange of experiences and break a lot of the myths and ice that exists.