Shobokshi Investment donate blood plasma

Why donate plasma

Blood plasma can not be artificially produced and there are many diseases that can be cured only through medicines from blood plasma. It is a voluntary donation of vital importance to many people in the Czech Republic and around the world. Anyone, who doesn´t routinely ponder over in this way help, can get into a situation when it will rely on drugs that can be produced only from blood plasma.

Blood plasma is indispensable ingredient for modern medicine, for example for the production of these vital medicines:

Used in serious injuries, extensive burns, when large blood losses and in some cases even after chemotherapy of cancer patients.

They are used in several kinds of serious diseases, such as in patients with immune deficiency or cancer.

Clotting factors
For example factor VIII or factor IX are vital for the normal life of hemophiliacs who suffer from their shortage.

Other uses plasma
When major surgery or after serious accidents. When treating cancer, hemophilia and in people with impaired immunity. Patients who can not themselves develop antibodies (immunoglobulins) due to disturbance of innate immunity are against serious infectious diseases protected administering medicines made from blood plasma.