Thousand and one Czech or successful Czechs in the Middle East

Czech Republic, Czech products and Czechs have in the Middle East very good reputation. Many of the representatives who are currently in various fields and industries such as: hospitality, sports, manufacturing, healthcare, arms or heavy industry in the Gulf of successful businessmen. And all of them contend that the beginnings and assert themselves on the local market was not easy. Czech companies and Czech entrepreneurs, including for example Paul Foubík, co-owner of Brudra, which manufactures work clothes, Vadim Horna, representative for the production of custom lights Lasvit, Milan Máčala, football coach or Martin Vrba, owner of G5 Plus, which provides health professionals and healthcare in the Middle East, among others, for the royal family. Exports from the Czech Republic to the Gulf countries last year reached 800 million US dollars (20 billion CZK). It is certainly good that the success stories of the Czechs in the Arabian Peninsula reminiscent Tale of a Thousand and One Nights. Among other reasons, in the other Muslim countries, such as Syria, Libya and Iraq, where we used to be so strong, are now at war or otherwise subverting state.

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